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UAE-Saudi consultations to dismiss Hadi deputy

SANAA, Oct. 18 (YPA) – Saudi-Emirati consultations would be held to issue a series of supplementary resolutions which are described as restructuring the so-called “legitimacy” of the resigning President Hadi, after the dismissal of his Prime Minister, “Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher “, political sources informed told Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.
Al Arab newspaper which issued from London.
The newspaper of Al Arab, which is issued from London, reported the imminent dismissal of the military leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, from office will be in the coming days.
Diplomatic sources confirmed to Yemen Press Agency that the appointment of the former prime minister loyal to the UAE, Khalid Bahah, as a new deputy to the exiled Hadi, after rejecting a proposal to appoint him as the Prime Minister instead of Bin Dagher.