YEMEN Press Agency

Committee for Telecommunication Services Defense considers Aden’s new Telecom as secessionist project

SANAA, Oct. 18 (YPA) – The State-run National Committee for Defense of Telecommunications Services issued on Wednesday a report on the impacts that could result from seceding
Telecommunications sector in the southern UAE-occupied Aden port city.

The head of the committee, Mohammed al-Zahbani, said the new Telecom sector in Aden, which was launched by the exiled Hadi’s government earlier this year, was a secessionist project aimed to pave the way for seceding the south from north.

“The UAE-funded project reveals the intentions of Hadi and the Saudi-led coalition to tear up unity of the Yemeni people, destroy their economic capabilities and control over the country’s wealth,” the report quoted al-Zahbani as saying.

Sameera Hassn