YEMEN Press Agency

Shura Council condemns coalition’s massacre against IDPs buses in Yemen’s Hodeidah

SANAA, Oct. 14 (YPA) – The Shura Council condemned the horrific massacre carried out by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on Saturday which targeted two buses carrying displaced people in Jabal Ras district of Hodeidah province, killing and wounding dozens of displaced.
In a statement, the Council condemned the continuation of coalition committing the most heinous crimes against the Yemeni people, the latest of which was hysterical raids on residential neighborhoods, health facilities, farms, water tanks and roads in Tuhaita, Durihimi and Kamran Island in Hodeidah, the destruction of the Durahemi General Hospital and the Maternity and Childhood Hospital.
The statement stressed that these crimes will increase the Yemeni people more steadfastness in the face of aggression, pointing out that the heinous crimes committed by the coalition, rarely exist in human history, reflect the true face and hatred against the Yemeni people.
The Council called on the countries of the world, the United Nations, the Association of Senate, Shura Councils, similar councils in Africa, the Arab world and international organizations to play the responsible role in exposing these crimes to world public opinion and issuing statements of condemnation.
The Shura Council appealed to the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council to take responsibility for Yemen’s aggression, siege and economic war, and to intervene stopping the aggression, which was exploited to exploit the sanctity of blood and open air, sea and land ports.

Sameera Hassn