YEMEN Press Agency

UAE bans importing commercial goods through Aden port

ADEN, Feb. 25 (YPA) – United Arab Emirates Occupation Department in Yemen’s southern province of Aden issued a circular on Friday banning commercial companies to import a number of commercial goods, a local official told Yemen Press Agency.

The UAE administration in the occupied province informed commercial companies in Aden, they would not be allowed to import cars of all forms, motorcycles, spare parts, solar panels, batteries and other commercial items through the port of Aden.

A number of traders in Aden voiced their dissatisfaction against the arbitrary decisions made by the occupation authorities, saying that the decision will reduce and will cost significant losses on the value of commercial port due to the amount of customs paid by importers,  Yemen press agency correspondent said .

The aim of these unjust decisions and blockade is to continue to put pressure on the Yemeni people and to strangling their economy, according economic analysts.