YEMEN Press Agency

Hodeidah local authority condemns coalition bombing on Durihemi, Tuhayta

HODEIDAH, Oct. 11 (YPA) – Hodeidah province’s local authority on Thursday strongly condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s continued bombing on civilians in Durihemi and Tuhayta districts.

The local authority denounced, in a statement, targeting of citizens’ homes and killing of children, women and elderly in the two districts and other areas in the province by the coalition warplanes.

The statement stressed the right of Yemeni people to defend their land and confront the aggression by all available means. It called for supporting the western coast fronts and other fronts to retaliate the coalition crimes.

In the statement, the local authority also condemned the economic war being waged by the coalition on the Yemeni people, and held the coalition countries responsible for the disastrous consequences of this hostile step.