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Saada Governor inspects workflow of roads and bridges rehabilitation

SAADA, Oct. 10 (YPA) -Saada Governor Mohammed Jaber Awad Mohammed Jaber Awad on Tuesday inspected the situation of the bridges in the Sana’a-Saada line, which is being maintained and rehabilitated after being totally and partially destroyed by the Saudi-led air strikes.

During his inspection visits, he reviewed the work progress being carried out in Malahah Bridge and the road of Aoqba Shawth in Manabah border district.

Governor Awad stressed the importance of completing the work in the bridges extending from Harf Sufyan Directorate to the entrance to the city of Saada to facilitate traffic movement to maintain vehicles, especially heavy Vehicles.

He praised the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads bridges by the Bridges and Tunnels’ administration which Which have come a long way, stressing the need to start the implementation of the Aqaba Shawt Road project in Manabah border district.