YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Qaeda militias control over several areas in Hadramout

Mukalla, Feb. 23 (YPA) – A number of al-Qeada elements controlled over the center of Hajar district in al-Mukalla city on Thursday morning,  local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the sources, al-Qiada elements had controlled over several areas in Wadi Hajar and the old center of the district, in addition to setting up some checkpoints in the area.

“Taking control over the district is a message to those who are boasting the great victory they had claimed, saying we are everywhere, and it is a response to the al-Faisal operation”, according to a leader in al-Qeada origination.

In earlier time, what so-called hadrmaout elite forces backed by UAE occupation forces launched al-Faisal operation against al-Qeada elements in the province of Hadrmout.