YEMEN Press Agency

11 Yemeni civilians killed, injured in 30 coalition airstrikes

SANAA, Feb.19 (YPA) – A total of 11 Yemeni citizens were killed and injured on Monday when coalition fighter jets waged nearly 30 strikes on several Yemeni provinces, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Hodeida, a civilian was killed and three others wounded when the warplanes hit a farm in Tuhitah district.

In Marib, Serwah district was targeted by two airstrikes.

In Hajjah, Harad and Medi districts were hit by 20 air strikes.

In Sanaa province, the coalition fighter jets waged four strikes on Nehm district.

In the northern province of Saada, two citizens were killed and two others wounded when the combat jets waged three strikes on cars in Kutaf district.


Ali Ahsan