YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition warplanes target their militias in Yemen

TAIZ, Feb. 18 (YPA) – The Saudi-led coalition warplanes have hit their militias, fighter men in all battle front and killed and wounded hundreds loyal to them in several Yemeni province since 2015, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

According to Yemen Press Agency monitored in mid-2015, that the coalition warplanes waged a series of strikes on the military headquarters of the outgoing president in Hadramout province, killing about 400 soldiers.

In Taiz province, the collation combat jets dropped cluster bombs on their militias in Mouza district, killing and wounding dozens.

In Bayda province, the coalition fighter jets killed two al-Qeada elements in Qiva district.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition combat jets waged a series of strikes on militias in the collation-run-areas in several provinces.

The coalition airstrikes also in 2015 targeted military forces loyal to the resigning government of Hadi at al-Anad Base in Lahj province, killing 12 soldiers and injuring others.

In Marib province, the Saudi air strike hit troops loyal to Hadi in Serwah district, killing six soldiers.

In Taiz province, on November 2017, five soldiers loyal to a resigning president, were killed when the coalition fighters jets hit their troops.

Also in Taiz on December 2017, dozens of soldiers loyal to Hadi were killed and wounded when the Saudi-led coalition waged strikes on their gathering in Mocha district.

In January 2018, coalition fighter jets three strikes on targeted military forces loyal to outgoing President Hadi, in the Air Defense and al-Marar areas in north-west of Taiz province.