YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen army inflicts Saudi army heavy losses in border fronts

SANAA, Feb. 18 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces launched on Sunday an offensive against Saudi army’s positions in the border regions of Asir, Jizan and Najran, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

A Saudi-backed militant was shot dead off Aleb outlet in Asir, while the Yemeni army artillery shelled gatherings of Saudi army mercenaries in Aleb, inflicting them losses in lives and gear.

In Jizan region, the Yemen army wrecked a Saudi military bulldozer by a guided missile in Hamidha village, while the artillery bombarded Saudi troops in Nashaw site and in Bojan location.

Eight Saudi soldiers were killed in separate sniping operations of Yemeni army in Qua and northern and southern Hamidha villages of the same region, according to military officials.

In Najran, the Yemeni army forces repelled an infiltration of Saudi-backed militants off al-Khadra outlet, killing and wounding many of them.