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Yemen’s equestrian team prepares for World Championship’s finals to pick up pegs

SANA’A, Aug 31 (YPA) – The national equestrian team will resume intensive training in its intern training camp in preparation for the finals of the world championships to be held in the UAE from 14 to 22 November.

The national team includes the cavalries Mohammed al-Qamali, Jalal al-Yusufi, Hamza al-Yami, Bilal al-Sabri, Murad al-Fati, Jihad al-Fayiq and Shaker Abdul Rahman.

The national team, led by national coach Mohammed Shathan and his assistant Jamal Al Taweel, will complete the third phase of their training program, which runs until 10 October.

Shathan said that the training in the third phase will focus on enhancing and developing the cavalry technical and physical skills to select the best four knights as key players and two reserves.

He added that the Knights of the team will participate in an training camp in the Sultanate of Oman which will continue form 13 to 26 October. .

He explained that the internal preparation program began in mid-July with the organization of the first phase, which lasted until 27 of the same month, while the second phase of the preparation period continued from 28 July to mid-August.

During the two training phases, the team’s knights were trained on a number of special exercises related to the sport of pickling and were introduced to the new international sport law.

He considered the participation of Yemen in the Game as achievement of equestrian Yemen.

He stressed that the task of the national team will not be easy in the finals, especially as he will face strong teams and with a long histories in the sport of picking pegs.

The national equestrian team qualified to the World Championship to pick up the pegs after winning first place in the first group qualifiers held in the city of Salalah Oman in August last year after the harvest of three gold medals with the selection of cavalry Bilal al-Sabri as knighthood qualification, while Oman won the second place and Jordan was placed third.


Ahmed Al-Mutawakel