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Salvation government ridicules US’s attempt to shirk its role in Yemen war

SANAA, Aug. 14 (YPA) – The official spokesman of Salvation Government, Abdel Salam Jaber ridiculed of  America’s attempts to shirk its role in leading the war on Yemen and its responsibility in committing crimes against the Yemenis for nearly four years according to a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

Jaber added that “The description of the US Defense minister, James Matiss,  of the war of coalition led by his country on Yemen,” civil war “and that his country did not participate, is only a failed attempt seeking the United States to improve its ugly criminal face, distracting attention from its role Strategic leadership of the coalition on the Yemeni people, the repudiation of the crimes of genocide and the suffocating siege of four years ago.”

Jaber stressed that it is no secret that the war on Yemen was announced from the US capital Washington, referring to the recognition of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubair, that the war on Yemen was prepared with Washington for a number of months before it started  on 26 March 2015.

Jaber added that the American leadership and the former and current American administrations admitted of their roles in leading the aggression on Yemen, in addition Washington supplied coalition countiers with deadly weapons and setting the civilian targets of its deadly raids by its alternate officers in the operating rooms in Saudi Arabia and Eritrea.

The spokesman confirmed that  US also participates in the torture and rape of detainees in secret prisons in the southern provinces obstructs the peace process in Yemen and plays a key role in the failure of the efforts of former UN envoys by pressing Saudi Arabia to counter their efforts for peace.



Sameera Hassn