YEMEN Press Agency

JMPs strongly condemns coalition massacre in Saada

SANAA, Aug. 9 (YPA) – The Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs) on Thursday strongly condemned the massacre committed by Saudi-led coalition warplanes in Dhayan district of Saada province, which left over 100 dead and wounded, mostly children.

A statement issued by the JMPs considered what happened in Saada a war crime and is incompatible with all laws, religions, and international laws and covenants.

The statement affirmed that the silence of the international community towards such crimes has encouraged the coalition to continue in targeting civilians, killing prisoners and kidnapping women.

These crimes prove that the coalition has failed militarily and that it seeks to spoil the peace efforts aiming to reach a political solution, the statement said.

The JMPs called on the Yemeni army forces to step up their attacks against the coalition in response to its crimes against Yemen’s children.