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Security arrests 23 recruits of coalition in Sanaa,Dhalea

SANAA, Aug. 7 (YPA) – The police forces in Sanaa, Bayda and Dhalea Ibb provinces on Tuesday arrested 23 recruits of the Saudi-led coalition force while trying to go to Marib joining the coalition camps, a security official told Saba News Agency.
In Sanaa, the official confirmed the arrest of three people, one of them in of Saffan district, after the investigations proved to be monitoring for the coalition, while the arrest of two recruits in Bilad-Ros district during they were trying to join coalition camps in Marib.
In Dhalea, the security services of Damet district arrested 20 recruits of the coalition, during the past two weeks while moving from and to the camps of coalition.
The security said all militiamen carry military cards issued by the coalition camps.
This comes after the security forces seized a dangerous cell recruited by the aggression to support the forces of invasion and occupation from inside the city of Hodeidah and destabilize security and stability.

Sameera Hassn