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Media platform reveals detailed personal information about UAE mission of “Al-Jundub” in Aden

ADEN, July 10 (YPA) – A media platform published on Wednesday detailed personal investigative information about “Al-Jundub,” one of the members of the assassination team affiliated with the UAE in Aden, southern Yemen.

The “Aden Sons Platform” stated in a post on “X” that, after an investigative follow-up, it obtained all important personal information related to the individual named Samer Al-Jundub, a partner of Yasir Al-Maqtari in carrying out acts of killing and violations against the people of Aden.

The platform added that Samer Salem Saeed Faraj, known as “Al-Jundub,” who was born in Aden, was a member of the cell responsible for the kidnapping of Ali Ashaal Al-Ja’adani. His role involved in driving the bus at the time of the kidnapping.

It noted that “Al-Jundub” is currently residing in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The platform clarified that Al-Jundub left Aden on June 18th last year after the kidnapping incident and moved to the UAE.

It also pointed out that Al-Jundub serves as the leader of the arrest team within the so-called “Anti-Terrorism” unit funded by the UAE in Aden, led by “Yasir Al-Maqtari.”

The information published by the platform included Al-Jundub’s personal identification number and details of his residence near the “Anti-Terrorism” camp in Gold Moor, close to the Al-Rahman Mosque.