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Security media reveals details on killing of security official in Hodeidah

HODEIDA, July 10 (YPA) -The Security Media affiliated with the Ministry of Interior in the Sanaa government has revealed details on the incident involving the death of head of criminal investigations in the al-Maghlaff district, north of the Hodeida governorate.

Security Media, citing Hodeida Police, confirming that the head of criminal investigations in the al-Maghlaff district, Major Yasser Abdullah Abduh Maqbil al-Habboub, was shot while carrying out a judicial order with soldiers from the district police to arrest a suspect named “Ali Mahdi Ali Hafidi, 34 years old,” who was accused of shooting at the home of a citizen, Mohammed Alwan Balqith Ali Omar, in the village of Al-Munwab.

The report detailed that the security personnel tasked with the arrest were met with direct gunfire from an automatic “Kalashnikov” weapon as soon as they arrived in the village. This gunfire resulted in the death of Major al-Habboub and injury of three other soldiers.

It was noted that al-Habboub was hit by fatal gunfire in the chest.

Three injured police officers were identified as “Hafez Hassan Mohammed Marjan Barah, Hamdi Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim, and Ammar Ahmed Yahya Hussein Ammar.”

The report also mentioned that the security forces, along with local residents, surrounded the suspect and demanded his surrender. However, Hafidi refused to surrender, leading to an exchange of gunfire in which the suspect was killed.

The police expressed their deep condolences to the family of the martyr al-Habboub and wished a speedy recovery to the injured police officers.

They reaffirmed their dedication to ensuring security, stability, and public order, as well as safeguarding the property and lives of citizens.