YEMEN Press Agency

At least 13 people killed in Shabwa armed confrontations

SHABWA, July 09 (YPA) – At least 13 people were killed and 12 others wounded in armed confrontations that broke out in the oil-rich province of Shabwa, east of Yemen, during the past two weeks.

Sources familiar with the matter reported that the armed confrontations that broke out between the various tribes happened in the districts of al-Sead, Habban, Ataq, Markha, and Osaylan, due to the security chaos.

The sources explained that the leaders of the UAE-backed factions that came from Lahj and the Western Coast to the Shabwa districts in early 2022 contributed greatly to fueling the conflicts by supporting and financing some tribes with money and weapons to settle scores among themselves, especially tribes loyal to Saudi Arabia and the Islah Party.

The sources showed that the leaders loyal to the UAE did not stop supporting and financing the tribes, but rather worked to flood the province with various types of hashish and drugs, amid accusations of external parties being behind the security chaos in the province with the aim of continuing their control over the oil fields.