YEMEN Press Agency

Hezbollah expands its military operations towards new settlements

BEIRUT, July 09 (YPA) – The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, expanded the scope of its military operations against the positions of the Zionist occupation forces, targeting the “Yesod Hamala” settlement in the Upper Galilee region for the first time.

The resistance confirmed, in varying military statements, that the basket of modern spy equipment raised on a crane at the Hadab Yarin site was targeted with a guided missile, which directly hit it, leading to its destruction and igniting fire.

It announced in another statement that the Al-Marj site was targeted with artillery shells and a direct hit was achieved, as well as the “Yesod Hamaleh” settlement was targeted with Katyusha missiles in the Upper Galilee.

The sources added that the resistance targeted border settlements of “Al-Manara” and “Al-Matla”, and the “Al-Raheb” and “Zabdin” sites, in the occupied Shaba’ Farms.