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Tribal sheikh assassinated in Shabwa

SHABWA, July 02 (YPA) – A prominent tribal sheikh was killed on Tuesday by gunmen loyal to the governor of Shabwa province, Awad al-Wazir, northwest of the city of Ataq, the center of the province.

Informed sources in the province said, “Gunmen from the Al-Dawla tribe in Nissab District, to which the governor of Shabwa Al-Wazir belongs, opened fire on tribal sheikh Salem Hussein Al-Jumai Al-Megrahi in the middle of Wasit Market in Markha Al-Sofla district, killing him on the spot.”

The sources added that the incident of the assassination of Sheikh Al-Jumai Al-Megrahi was due to tribal revenge against the tribe of the governor, indicating that the incident created a widespread state of discontent among the people of Shabwa.

The expansion of confrontations between tribesmen is attributed to feeding the UAE factions revenge between tribesmen and financing them with money and weapons.

On the other hand, the young man Badr bin Farid Hadi Al-Khamari Al-Awlaki was killed in Al-Musaina area in Al-Saeed district, which has witnessed fierce confrontations between the ‘Al-Farid’ tribes since last Sunday.

The Habban District is also witnessing violent confrontations due to revenge between members of the ‘Laqmoush’ tribes, leaving two wounded, according to preliminary statistics.