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UAE-funded factions burn citizen days after kidnapping him in Shabwa

SHABWA, June 26 (YPA) – Members of the UAE-funded factions burned the body of a citizen days after he was kidnapped in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen.

Local media loyal to the Saudi-led coalition reported that citizens found the charred body of citizen Mubarak Saleh Faraj Al-Haddad on Tuesday after he was burned among the rubble of trees in Wadi Khoura in the Markha District, west of the city of Ataq, the center of the province.

The media confirmed that the incident of burning the body of Al-Haddad by elements loyal to the UAE is a crime that Shabwa had not witnessed before, without mentioning the reason behind the kidnapping and burning of Al-Haddad.

The media sources suggested that the burning of the Al-Haddad’s body occurred after his hands and feet were tied and his body and the trees surrounding him were set on fire.

Al-Haddad before he was kidnapped and his body burned

Activists from Shabwa and the southern provinces demanded that the perpetrators of the incident of burning Al-Haddad’s body be revealed in front of public opinion.


This comes as an extension of the security chaos witnessed by Shabwa districts, which are controlled by UAE-funded factions.