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Gunmen loyal to UAE kill African immigrant in gruesome manner in Lahj

LAHJ, June 10 (YPA) – An African immigrant suffering from a psychological condition was killed in a horrific manner by members of the factions affiliated with the UAE in Lahj province, southern Yemen.

Human rights sources reported that members of the “Sixth Brigade Al-Amaliqa,” funded by the UAE, including a person named Aseel Ali Saeed, killed an African immigrant suffering from a psychological condition yesterday, Sunday, in the Ras Al-Ara area, overlooking the Red Sea, west of Lahj, after torture and severe beatings.

The sources explained that the gunmen continued to beat and torture the African immigrant, “whose name was not mentioned,” until he died without any legal justification.

The sources called on local and international human rights and humanitarian organizations to stand by the migrants who are subjected to various types of violations by the UAE-backed factions deployed in the provinces under the control of the Saudi-led coalition.