YEMEN Press Agency

Israeli occupation forces continue their aggression against Jenin

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, May 22 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation forces continued its aggression against the city and camp of Jenin, for the second day in a row.

According to Palestinian sources, a young man from Jenin camp was injured on Wednesday by a bullet in the pelvic area, bringing the number of injuries since yesterday to more than 20, including serious injuries.

The director of the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Hospital, Wissam Bakr, said that there is an acute water shortage after the water line connecting to the hospital was destroyed, while the Israeli forces continue to fire at its entrance.

The occupation forces pushed more military reinforcements into several neighborhoods in the city and inside the camp as drones flew intensively in the skies of the city and the camp.

Today’s morning, the occupation forces carried out raids and search campaigns that affected dozens of homes in the neighborhoods of the camp, detained a number of citizens, assaulted and abused them, tampered with the contents of their homes, wreaked havoc and destruction on them, and subjected a number of young men to field investigation.