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Palestinian Crossings Authority: Lives of 11,000 wounded are threatened as a result of closure of Rafah crossing

GAZA, May 19 (YPA) – The General Authority for Crossings and Borders in the Gaza Strip warned of the repercussions of the continued closure of the Rafah land crossing for the thirteenth day in a row after taking control of it from the Israeli occupation army.

The authority said in a statement on Sunday, “The closure of the crossing exacerbated the catastrophic humanitarian conditions for citizens in the Gaza Strip, as a result of preventing the entry of humanitarian aid and stopping the travel of the wounded from the ongoing Israeli aggression”.

It explained that more than 11,000 wounded are still on waiting lists for travel and treatment abroad, and whose lives are threatened by the continued closure of the crossing, while dozens of wounded who were scheduled to travel within the past days had died as a result of closing the crossing and preventing them from traveling.

It also appealed to the international community to pressure the occupation to immediately withdraw from the crossing, reopen it, and resume work there, in order to save what can be saved in light of the tragic conditions resulting from the ongoing war of extermination waged by the Israeli occupation against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces occupied the Rafah crossing on May 6 during their invasion of Rafah and put it out of service, knowing that it is the only port of entry for traveling individuals in the Gaza Strip.