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Tariq Afash militias arrest one of sheiks in Taiz

TAIZ, May 19 (YPA) – Tariq Afash militia arrested one of the figures of the Mawza’h district in Taiz governorate amid the continuation of the arrest campaign that law officers describe as “unjust” against the people of the coastal districts.

Local sources said that the “Tariq Afash” militia arrested, Sheikh Qabil Muhammad Hassan Alaya, from the middle of al-Hamily market and took him to the secret prisons, and his fate is still unknown.

The sources added that the militias arrested the Sheikh Qabil without any legal justification and forcibly disappeared him in the secret prisons.

The sources explained that the “Tariq” militias refused to reveal the fate of Sheikh “Qabil, allow him to be visited, or reveal his whereabouts.