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Saudi Arabia calls on protesters to storm STC headquarters in Aden

ADEN, May 15 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia called on the angry protesters in the coalition-held city of Aden, south of Yemen, to break into the headquarters of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), to arrest and bring its leaders to trial.

As a result of the corruption of officials in the coalition-backed Aden government, the people of Aden are living in a catastrophic situation due to the lack of power and water services,
Saad bin Mohammed Al-Amri, political activist close to the Saudi intelligence services, said in a post on X.

Al-Amri pointed out that the violations against Aden people and the southern provinces occur with the STC’s participation in all the corruption processes that affects the lives and existence of the citizens.

He called on angry protesters in the Aden areas to storm the STC headquarters and put its leader on trial.