YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s military launches rocket attack against U.S. destroyer in Red Sea

SANAA, May 14 (YPA) – Yemen’s armed forces have accurately targeted the U.S. destroyer Mason and the ship’Destiny’in the Red Sea.

Spokesman, Brigadier General Yahiya Sarie, said in a statement on Wednesday that the a number of appropriate naval missiles and drones were used in the operation.

The spokesman affirmed that the ship ‘Destiny’ came after it violated the decision to ban the passage of ships bound to Umm al-Rashrash port in the occupied Palestine on April 20.

He revealed that the ship used deception and camouflage by claiming it was heading to another port, noting the targeted ship will be prohibited from sailing in the area of operations of the Yemeni armed forces.

Sarie affirmed that operation came in triumph for the oppression of the Palestinian people and also in response to the American-British aggression against Yemen.

He added that these operations will not stop unless the siege is lifted and the aggression is ended against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.