YEMEN Press Agency

Dozens of pro-Palestine students arrested in US

WASHINGTON, April 23 (YPA) – Dozens of pro-Palestine students were arrested on Monday in the United States after they had rallied at several American universities and refused orders to leave the protest sites, American police said.

Police at Yale University officers charged about 45 people with criminal trespassing, after they refused to leave the place, where demonstrators gathered “demanding that Yale University withdraw its investments from American military weapons manufacturers.

In addition to the police assault, the university said, “The students who have been arrested will also be referred to disciplinary procedures at Yale University, which includes a range of penalties, such as reprimand, probation, or suspension.”

In this context, students at several universities organized protests in solidarity with the “Gaza Solidarity Camp” at Columbia University, after more than 100 students were arrested on grounds of their support for Gaza.