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Hadramout: One citizen died and damages recorded due to heavy rains and floods

HADRAMOUT, April 18 (YPA) – At least one citizen died as a result of heavy rain that turned into torrents flowing into the valleys and roads in Hadramout province.

The flood also caused significant damage to the service and agricultural sectors.

A local source stated that “preliminary reports of the rains and floods witnessed in Hadramout governorate as a result of the impact of a trough of low pressure recorded a citizen’s death, and damage to agricultural lands, roads, electricity, and water.”

The source added, “Preliminary reports also recorded damage to asphalt roads, the electricity network (33KV), the outflow of water from water wells in the Al-Mughaydah feeder to the city of Al-Mukalla, and the washing away of several citizens’ cars.”

Additionally, damage was reported to agricultural lands in the Ghayl Bawazir Directorate and in the outskirts of Al-Mukalla, as well as damage to the water network in Qusair, east of Al-Mukalla city.

Several areas in Wadi Hadramout have witnessed heavy rain since early Wednesday morning, resulting in torrents flowing into the valleys and roads.

Observers believe that the effects of depression in Wadi Hadramout began with varying intensities of rain accompanied by torrents in several areas.

Activists circulated pictures and video clips showing the flow of torrents in a number of streets and neighborhoods of the valley districts in the province, in addition to blocking the main road linking the districts of Seiyoun and Tarim.

It is expected that several Yemeni governorates, including Hadramout and Mahra, will experience heavy rainfall in the coming hours.

The National Meteorological Center in Sana’a warned seagoers and fishermen of sea disturbances and high waves on the coasts of Shabwa, Hadramout, and Mahra.