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American Senator: US should not lose sight of Gaza disaster

WORLD, April 18 (YPA) – US Senator Bernie Sanders stressed that tension between Iran and “Israel” should not lose sight of the unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

In a post on his “X” platform account yesterday, Tuesday, he described the situation in Gaza as “shocking.”

“While we pay attention to this developing Israeli-Iran crisis, I hope very much that we will not lose sight of the unprecedented humanitarian disaster now taking place in Gaza. We must not lose sight of that disaster,” Sanders said on the Senate floor.

Sanders called on the US government to stop funding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He pointed out that the world, led by the United States, has shifted its attention to the tension between Iran and Israel.

“Unbelievably, 5% of the residents of Gaza have been either killed or wounded in a six-month period — 5% of their entire population. Two thirds of those who have been killed or wounded are women and children,” Sanders said, adding that 1.7 million people, over 75% of the population of Gaza, have been driven from their homes.

“The United States must use all of its leverage to secure an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and across the region and demand that the massive amount of humanitarian assistance that is needed to prevent famine and widespread humanitarian suffering is able to flow into Gaza,” he added.