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Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor: 13,000 Palestinians are missing under rubble

GENEVA, April 11 (YPA) – The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said that more than 13,000 Palestinians are missing under the rubble, killed in random mass graves, or forcibly disappeared in Israeli prisons and detention centers.

In its report today, Thursday, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor called for urgent international action to introduce special mechanisms and specialized teams to remove the rubble of homes and buildings bombed by Israeli army forces and the buildings that were bombed by Israeli army forces, rescue people trapped under their rubble and still alive, and recover thousands of bodies of others who died under them since the start of the military attack on October 7.

The monitor called for putting decisive international pressure on the Zionist entity to secure the work of the people and crews working to remove this rubble, including civil defense crews, in addition to revealing the fate of thousands of missing Palestinian prisoners and detainees from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli war that broke out in the Gaza Strip on October 7 has entered its sixth month, leaving more than 33,000 dead and more than 75,000 wounded.