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ICJ: Colombia requests intervention as a party in South Africa’s lawsuit against “Israel”

WORLD, April 06 (YPA) – The International Court of Justice (ICJ) reported that Colombia has requested intervention as a party in South Africa’s lawsuit against the Israeli occupation on charges of committing genocide in Gaza.

Days ago, the ICJ affirmed that there are new measures ordering the Israeli occupation to take necessary and effective steps to cooperate with the United Nations without delay.

It stated that Tel Aviv must urgently provide basic services and humanitarian aid to Gaza without widespread obstacles.

The ICJ added that the occupation must increase the capacity and number of land crossings to Gaza and keep them open for the longest necessary period.

It also pointed out that the occupation must ensure that its army does not commit violations of the rights of Palestinians in Gaza, such as preventing the delivery of aid.

The ICJ demanded that the Israeli occupation submit a report to the court regarding the measures it would take within a month from the date of this order.