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Sanaa PM: Yemen continues to support of Palestine people

SANAA, April 02 (YPA) – Sanaa-based caretaker Prime Minister confirmed on Tuesday Abdulaziz bin Habtour that the Israeli occupation entity lives countdown to its demise.

The brutal genocidal war crimes that the occupation forces’ committing and imposing a deadly siege on innocent people in the Gaza Strip are a countdown to the demise of this criminal entity, Bin Habtour said in a special statement to the Yemeni Press Agency.

This came on the sidelines of the Second International Conference in Support of the Palestinian People second conference, which is being held in Sanaa under the name of “Palestine is the nation’s central issue.”

He stressed that Yemen stands along with the Palestinian people, whatever the consequences are.
“The Yemeni leadership, government and people’s support to their brothers in Palestine is a national, moral and religious duty,” bin Habtour added.