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Higher education sector reveals its losses due to coalition’s war on Yemen

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) – The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sanaa revealed on Sunday the losses of the higher education sector during the nine years of the war launched by the Saudi-led coalition and siege on Yemen.

During a press conference held by the ministry in Sanaa today, the Minister of Higher Education, Hussein Hazeb, explained that the total estimated cost of the amount of direct and indirect damage to which the higher education and scientific research sector and its affiliated institutions were exposed during nine years of aggressive war amounted to 797,759,212,000 riyals (equivalent to one billion and 505 million dollars).

The Minister stated that the cost of direct damages amounted to 209,569,550,000 riyals, while the cost of indirect damages amounted to about 588,189,661,000 riyals.

He pointed out that the cost of direct and indirect damage to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Information Technology Center, the Academic Accreditation Council, and the Science Museum amounted to 118,832,625,000 riyals (approximately 224,212,000 dollars), of which 5,580,555,000 riyals are direct damages and 113,252,000,000 are indirect damages.

Hazib mentioned that the amount of damage to public universities amounted to 633,418,778,000 riyals, equivalent to 1,195,129,000 dollars, of which 197,094,579,000 riyals are direct damages and 436,324,000,000 riyals are indirect damages.

He indicated that the total cost of direct and indirect damage to universities and private colleges amounted to 45,507,808,000 riyals, of which 6,894,414,000 riyals are the cost of direct damages and 38,613,393,000 riyals are the cost of indirect damages.