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Al-Ruweishan speaks of strategic shift in military battle with America

SANAA, March 28 (YPA) -Deputy Prime Minister General Jalal Al-Ruweishan affirmed a strategic shift in military tactics in Yemen, indicating that heavy weapons, nuclear arms, and aircraft carriers are no longer effective.

“The lack of military value for the mercenaries from Mukalla to Aden to Hadramout will soon lead to their abandonment, as they have never been trustworthy,” Al-Ruweishan stated.

“Recently, the US and Britain realized that naval blockades by their agents are no longer effective in light of a strategic shift mastered by Sanaa in support of Gaza.”

Al-Ruweishan clarified that the US and Britain adopted a strategy to ensure the success of their proxies in preventing Sanaa from accessing the seas. However, Sanaa surprised them by reaching the Indian Ocean.