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Unknown gunmen assassinate son of prominent leader in Tariq Afash office in Taiz

TAIZ, March 22 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen assassinated at dawn Thursday the son of a prominent leader in the Office of “Tariq Afash” of the UAE in the areas under the control of the coalition in Taiz governorate.

According to informed sources, unknown gunmen believed to belong to Islah party riding a motorcycle shot the son of the deputy “head of the Political Bureau” of ”Afash” office, Adam Abdo Said, in Wadi Al-Mu’assal neighborhood, shooting him on the spot.

The sources confirmed that the gunmen intercepted Adam after eating a Suhoor meal in the Wadi Al-Mu’assal neighborhood and fired a hail of bullets at him, then looted his personal weapon and fled to an unknown destination.

It is noteworthy that the son of the commander, Adam Abdo said, is one of the recruits in the Reserve Battalion of “Afash” factions funded by the UAE in the city of Mocha, west of Taiz.