YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen Army Cause Heavy Losses To Saudi-Backed Militants

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) – Yemen army forces cauesd heavey losses on Tuesday to Saudi-Led coalition militants in Lifes and a military gear in front and border lines, a military official of Yemen defence ministry told Yemen Press Agency.

The sorce noted that Yemen army destroyed 20 Saudi-backed military vehicles and an armoured vehicle in Yakhtol area of Makha district, they destroyed another 2 military tanks, and burned a military vehicle in Sabir Al-Mauadim and Mauzah districts of Taiz province.

Yemen army destroyed 2 tanks with 2 missiles in Al-Emdan, Al-Mehdhar, and Al-Kasara area in Al-Dhabab area of Sabir Al-Mauadim district, the source said.

A military vehicle of Saudi-backed mercenaries was burned in easteron of Jabal Rayshan of Mauzaa district,the source added.

Thekra Khalid