YEMEN Press Agency

Mental illness affects thousands of Zionist enemy soldiers due to Gaza war

OCCUPIED QUDS, Feb. 29 (YPA) – The Zionist enemy army revealed on Wednesday that 30,000 soldiers in its ranks had undergone talks about the psychological disorders they suffered as a result of their participation in the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

According to data issued by the Zionist enemy army, among the soldiers, 1,703 met with a mental health officer and were transferred to receive further treatment.

The enemy army announced the establishment of a center specializing in mental health to deal with the effects of the aggression it is waging against the Gaza Strip on the mental health of its soldiers.

The data showed that 290 soldiers received treatment at the center set up by the army for those who were exposed to battle trauma, and more than 200 soldiers were released from military service after they were re-evaluated due to problems related to their mental health, and they showed post-traumatic effects.”