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Referring governor of Central Bank of Aden for investigation raises currency prices

ADEN, Feb. 21 (YPA) – The Judicial Council of the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in Aden has issued directives to investigate the governor of the Central Bank in Aden and prevent him from traveling.

On Tuesday, a circulated memo addressed by the “Judicial Council” to the Public Prosecutor in Aden said that the governor of the bank, Ahmed bin Ahmed Al-Mabaqi, would be investigated on charges of obstructing the financial strengthening of the judiciary, which led to obstructing the judiciary.

Activists from the regions of Yemen considered that the decision was supposed to address major issues such as the collapse of the currency, economic deterioration, the plundering of public money, and issues of lack of services and lack of security, rather than for the Judicial Council to exploit its powers to get its allowances without considering issues of public affairs.

They added that the absence of the judiciary in Aden does not make a big difference to the citizens, given the catastrophic imbalances in the performance of the judiciary, according to the activists.

A number of observers linked the issue of the major collapse that the local currency suffered in the coalition-controlled areas to the issue of referring the governor of the Central Bank for investigation.

Local currency prices in Aden witnessed a major collapse, during which the exchange rate of one dollar reached 1,687 riyals on Wednesday, following the Judicial Council’s decision against the Governor of the Central Bank, with a difference of 20 riyals at once compared to yesterday’s prices on Tuesday.
The Governor of the Central Bank in Aden has not provided any clarifications on the matter.