YEMEN Press Agency

STC accuses pro-coalition government of causing collapse of currency, fuel corruption

ADEN, Feb. 20 (YPA) – The pro-UAE Southern Transitional Council (STC) made serious accusations against the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

The so-called “Economic Authority” of the STC considered, in a meeting held Monday, that the performance of the Central Bank in Aden caused the collapse of the currency that the country is suffering from through “the central bank system’s failure to activate its tasks and powers.”

The authority also accused the government of adopting policies that exhaust Aden’s refineries and disrupting their activity in the field of importing and monitoring oil derivatives, which consequently deprived the state of financial returns, as well as halting its activity as a free zone in the field of storage.

The meeting touched on the government’s failure to take any measures that contribute to stopping the bleeding of purchased energy fuel, as the amount of fuel allocated for electricity is being manipulated and smuggled to be sold on the black market.

The meeting discussed the problem of the introduction of some unchecked petroleum derivatives that contain chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment.