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Media platform publishes report on Emirati prisons where abducted Yemenis are taken

ADEN, Feb. 12 (YPA) – A specialized media platform monitoring Emirati violations and crimes in Yemen raised questions about the fate of dozens of Yemenis who have been abducted and taken to one of the worst secret Emirati prisons outside Yemen for the past 8 years.

“Sons of Aden” media platform confirmed that the UAE has established a military base and secret prisons in the Eritrean port of Assab to interrogate and torture dozens of abducted Yemenis.

According to the platform’s report, those in the Emirati base’s prisons in Assab have been transferred in recent years via aircraft and naval vessels after being abducted from various southern regions such as Aden, Lahij, Abyan, Shabwah, Mukalla, Taiz, and others.
They have endured the worst forms of torture and their families do not know anything about their fate. Most of them are living in terrible psychological and physical conditions.

The platform clarified that the Yemeni detainees were transferred to the Assab detention center from prisons in Aden, Al-Rayyan in Mukalla, and Belhaf in Shabwa through Emirati private aircraft, and that they rented a Swedish ship to transport the detainees through the port of Al-Zeit in Al-Bureiqa, Aden, and the port of Mocha in the west of Taiz Governorate.

The platform pointed out that the fate of the Yemeni detainees who ended up in the Assab prison is still unknown, and their appearance has not been seen since, making their current condition unpredictable. The prison is considered worse than Guantanamo.

The report highlighted that the UAE has rented Assab to establish a military base and a special operations room for its factions and forces, using part of it as a black site for secret detentions.

It noted that the UAE does not want anyone to know what is happening in these prisons, despite the expiration of the island’s lease contract in recent years.

The platform questioned the fate of the abducted Yemenis amid reports of some being transferred to the UAE and others being released without knowing the fate of many of them.