YEMEN Press Agency

Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv, Haifa against Netanyahu’s government

 OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Feb.  11 (YPA) – Thousands of Zionist settlers demonstrated on Saturday in Tel Aviv and Haifa in occupied Palestine for the eighth week in a row.

 The demonstrators demanded the dismissal of the current Zionist enemy government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, holding early elections, and reaching an exchange deal to return prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

 The Israeli “Channel 12” reported that thousands of settlers demonstrated in “Bima” Square in central “Tel Aviv” and also blocked “Kaplan” Road in the region in protest against the Netanyahu government and to demand early elections.

The Zionist Broadcasting Corporation also reported “two demonstrations in front of Netanyahu’s homes in Al-Quds.”

In turn, the Zionist newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” reported that about 3,000 Zionist settlers demonstrated at the Horev intersection in the city of Haifa, demanding an immediate change in the government and raising banners reading, “Elections now.”

 The Zionist media also reported that relatives of the prisoners and activists seeking their return “blocked Ayalon Road and set fires on the road.”

 The pressure from the families of the prisoners on the Netanyahu government is increasing, with the aim of pushing it to conclude a new exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance after a number of them were killed as a result of the brutal Zionist bombing of the Gaza Strip.