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Yemeni Transport Minister: 99% of ship traffic naturally passes through Red Sea

SANAA, Jan.22 (YPA) – The Yemeni Minister of Transport in Sanaa, Abdulwahab Al-Durrah, confirmed on Monday that there are no risks to international navigation from the Yemeni side in the Arabian Sea and Red Sea.

Al-Durra stated in a press statement held on Monday that the natural movement of approximately 99% of ships not associated with the Zionist entity during the last period proves Yemen’s keenness on international shipping traffic.

“The United States and Britain are working to militarize the Red Sea to protect Israeli ships and are seeking to create an international trade crisis,” he said.

The Transport Minister noted that the US warns ships against crossing the Red Sea to sway global public opinion against Yemen’s supportive position for Gaza, which aims to halt the aggression and siege on Palestinian people.

Al-Durra stressed that “Yemen rejects all attempts to target international shipping traffic and works to protect security and stability in the region.”

He pointed out that the UN Security Council was unable to issue a ceasefire resolution in the Gaza Strip and ignored the genocide to which the residents of the Strip were subjected, and its interest was limited to protecting the ships of the Zionist entity.

Al-Durra called on all maritime transport companies and ships that have no connection to the Zionist entity to continue their activity in the Red Sea. He reiterated that the Red Sea ports of Hodeida, Saleef, and Ras Issa receive ships around the clock and provide their services in accordance with the standards of the International Code for the Security and Safety of Ships and Ports.