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12,161 Israeli violations committed against Palestinians in West Bank, Quds during 2023

WEST BANK, Jan. 08 (YPA) – The head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Moayed Shaaban, has revealed that 12,161 violations were carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities and their settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank, including Quds, during the year 2023.

This came in a press conference held today at the headquarters of the Government Information Centre in Ramallah, in the West Bank, reviewing the annual report on Israeli violations.

Shaaban stated, “The Israeli violations in the year 2023 constituted, at all levels, a dangerous turning point at the legislative and operational levels on the ground, flouting the most basic ethics of dealing with wars, crises, and conflicts.”

According to Shaaban, the Israeli occupation’s violations included 5,308 after October 7, 2023, and 2,410 violations carried out by settlers.

He explained that 22 Palestinians were killed by settlers’ bullets during the past year, including 10 after October 7, and 25 Bedouin communities were displaced in the West Bank and the East Quds desert during the year, including 22 communities after October 7.

The communities include 266 families, including a total of 1,517 individuals, according to the Palestinian official. He said, “This indicates the form that settler terrorism took as a dirty mission assigned to them by the official level in the occupying state.”

Shaaban mentioned that, during the past year, the Israeli authorities and settlers cut down and destroyed 21,731 trees in the Palestinian territories, including 18,964 olive trees.

During the year 2023, the Israeli occupation authorities issued 1,330 notices to demolish Palestinian facilities under the pretext of not having a license, while 514 demolition operations were carried out, including 659 facilities in the West Bank, including Quds.

Shaaban indicated that the number of settlers in the West Bank, including Quds, reached 730,330 settlers, distributed among 180 settlements and 194 outposts, including 93 pastoral outposts.

During the past year, Israeli settlers established 18 new settlement outposts, eight of which were established shortly after October 7, including 14 pastoral outposts.

Shaaban added that during 2023, the Israeli authorities confiscated more than 50,524 dunums (a dunum is equivalent to 1000 square meters) under the names (declaring natural reserves, expropriation orders, and seizure orders).

Since the outbreak of its devastating war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, the Israeli occupation army has stepped up military operations in the West Bank and increased the pace of incursions, raids, and arrests. Israeli settlers have also intensified their violations against the Palestinians and their property.