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Haaretz: 500 Israeli soldiers are psychologically traumatized by Gaza war

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Dec. 20 (YPA) – The Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” has said that 500 soldiers were psychologically traumatized by the war in Gaza.

According to the newspaper, the Israeli army is trying to limit the psychological damage to which soldiers are exposed during the war through two facilities it has established on the Gaza border. The two facilities receive combat soldiers from the field daily to assess their psychological condition and assist them.

The newspaper stated that the number of soldiers who have been treated psychologically since the start of the war has reached 2,800, and 18% of them, or about 504 of them, suffer from mental health difficulties and disorders due to the war.

A report published by the American CNN network on Monday stated that mental health services in Israel are no longer capable of dealing with the huge number of psychological and emotional traumas that have occurred since the start of the war in the occupying state in general.

According to the report, the competent authorities in “Israel” hired volunteers to cover the increasing needs of treating these cases.

The spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, stated in late October during the ground war against Gaza, saying: “The options presented to the Zionist soldier when he enters the Gaza Strip are four options: either he is killed, captured, permanently disabled, or becomes mentally ill forever.”