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Israeli occupation cancels visa of UN official for not condemning Hamas

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Dec. 06 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation government has canceled the visa of a UN official, after accusing her of not condemning the Hamas movement.

Israeli entity’s foreign minister, Eli Cohen, announced the cancellation of the residence visa in the occupying state for the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator, Lynn Hastings.

Cohen wrote in a post on the “X” platform: “I have decided to cancel the residency visa of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator, Lynne Hastings.”

He added “Anyone who does not condemn Hamas for the brutal massacre, for the kidnapping of the elderly and children, and for the horrific acts of violations and rape, and condemns Israel, a democratic state that protects its citizens, will not enter Israel.”

Hastings resides in occupied Quds, but the Israeli occupation authorities informed the United Nations that they would not renew the visa of her Canadian envoy, before Cohen officially announced the decision.

On Monday, Hastings warned that the expansion of the scope of the military occupation operations in Gaza to the south of the Strip could lead to a “more terrifying scenario” that humanitarian operations may be unable to deal with.

In a statement in Arabic, Hastings confirmed that the expansion of Israeli ground operations into southern Gaza “has forced tens of thousands of other Palestinians to seek refuge in areas facing increasing pressure, where they are desperate in their efforts to find food, water, shelter and safety.”

The statement explained that “there is no safe place in Gaza and there is no place left to go.”

In her statement, Hastings expressed her regret that “the conditions required to deliver aid to people in Gaza are not available.” She affirmed that “The quantities of relief supplies and fuel that were allowed to enter are not sufficient at all.”