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Update: Death toll from Israeli aggression on Gaza rises to 15,207 martyrs

GAZA, Dc. 02 (YPA) – The death toll from the Israeli aggression on residential areas of Gaza Strip since last October 7 has risen to 15,207 martyrs and more than 40,000 injured.

Spokesman of Palestine’s Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, said in a press conference that hospitals have lost their treatment and capacity, and hundreds of wounded are being treated on the ground.

Al-Qudra also pointed out 280 health personnel have been martyred in various areas of the Gaza Strip, explaining that the occupation has arrested 31 others and interrogated them using torture and starvation.

The spokesman affirmed that the occupation “deliberately targeted 130 health institutions and put 20 hospitals out of service.

“The occupation is deliberately strangling hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip to force its residents to flee south,” he continued, imposing restrictions on the entry of aid and fuel into hospitals during the truce.

“We lose large numbers of wounded every day due to the lack of treatment for them in Gaza’s hospitals,” Al-Qudra added.

According to the spokesman, more than 800,000 people in Gaza city and the northern Strip are without food or medicine.