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Ansarallah’s member reveals truth about Sanaa forces attacking US battleship

SANAA, Nov. 27 (YPA) – Member of the Ansarallah Political Bureau, Muhammad Al-Bukhaiti, said on Monday that America fabricated the story of rescuing a commercial ship from the hands of militants in the Gulf of Aden.

Al-Bukhaiti added in a post in his account on the “X” platform, “It (America) claimed that Sanaa’s missiles failed to hit one of its destroyers and that it crashed ten miles away in order to cover up its military inability and moral decadence in supporting the crimes of the Zionist entity and with the aim of raising the morale of its collapsed naval personnel.”

He stressed that this fabricated story would not deter Sanaa from continuing to perform “its religious, moral, and humanitarian duty by striking the depths of the usurping entity and targeting its maritime traffic until it stops its crimes in Gaza, no matter what the sacrifices were.”

Al-Bukhaiti also reiterated that Sanaa forces would only target ships belonging to the Zionist entity, warning the rest of the countries of the consequences of intercepting the Yemeni armed forces while they are carrying out “their moral and humanitarian duty to support the oppressed on earth.”

“If another humanitarian group had been subjected to the injustice to which the Palestinian people are exposed, Sanaa would not have hesitated for a single moment to carry out the duty of supporting them, regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliations,” Al-Bukhaiti said.