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Israeli occupation kidnaps Palestinian poet

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Nov. 22 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday the Palestinian poet, Mussab Abu Tuha during his displacement with his wife and children to southern Gaza.

The “Pen of America” Organization expressed concern about the news received about the detention of Mussab, the founder of the only library in the English language and winner of several literary awards, and said that it is seeking more details about him, and called for his protection.

His brother Hamza Mustafa confirmed the news of his arrest in a tweet, saying: “the army took him when he arrived at the checkpoint, leaving from north to south, his wife and children entered the south, while the army arrested my brother, and we don’t know anything about him”.

“The US embassy sent him and his family to travel through the Rafah crossing, I hope that one of Mussab’s foreign friends will contact the Red Cross”, he added.