YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa forces deploy in Yemeni waters of Red Sea

SANAA, Nov. 21 (YPA) – Commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Qadiri, confirmed the full readiness of the Yemeni naval forces to fight any naval battle and carry out any combat missions.

“The Yemeni naval forces are entering a new phase that is witnessing qualitative development, Al-Qadri said in a statements on Monday, indicating that the Yemeni naval forces are deployed in a wide area of the western coast.

He said that the Sanaa has the appropriate weapons and missiles to deal with any developments.
Al-Qadri warned against any foreign interference in the territorial waters or Yemeni islands, stressing that there will be an appropriate response and a legitimate target for forces of the Yemeni armed forces.

Earlier in the day, the Sanaa forces’ military media had broadcast scenes of the Yemeni naval forces taking control of an Israeli ship and taking it to the Yemeni coast.