YEMEN Press Agency

First confrontations break out between UAE factions, Islah elements in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 20 (YPA) – The first armed confrontations broke out between the Emirati factions and the militants of the “first military zone” of the Islah party in Hadramout Valley, eastern Yemen.

Local sources said that “clashes broke out between the factions of the 23 Infantry Brigade funded by the UAE, led by Haitham Qasim Taher, and soldiers from the first region in the Khasha area located on the international road towards al-Wadiah border outlet with Saudi Arabia.

The sources attributed the confrontations to the attempt of the UAE factions to create a military point at the entrances of Al-Khasha area towards Wadi Al-Ain and Hoora, belonging to the Wadi directorates, without mentioning any material and human losses.

They also pointed out that the soldiers of the “first zone” managed to prevent the Emirati factions to carry out any military developments in the region, while tensions still exist between the parties.